I am Kevin, the Director/Lead Firearms Instructor at Blue Ridge Marksmanship. About 8 months ago we tried the 9 mm 115 gr FMJ and 223 55 gr FMJ produced by American Patriot Ammo. We got 2000 rounds of 9 mm, both to share with my fellow instructors and so I could test it out. During the course of the next 20 days, we did not experience a single light strike, misfire or malfunction that was ammunition induced.

We also shot about 1000 223 (although their ammo has chamber pressures of 5.56) also without any issues. Further we also tested out 9mm and 223 Frangible Ammunition. It was fired at distances between 1 & 50 yards. The ammunition performed flawlessly…not one issue and 0 splash backs!

For a little company in Flat Rock, NC they make a great product! Equal to or better than the big boys! American Patriot Ammo’s prices are extremely competitive and comes in durable ‘open with a knife’ bags. So even if you lay your ammo down, moisture is not an issue.

Needless to say, the staff at Blue Ridge Marksmanship now fires this ammunition exclusively, to include their polymer 9 mm rounds too. You will not be sorry you switched!! Keep up the great work Jack!!!

Happy Training!!

P.S. since our first exposure to American Patriot Ammo we have fired over 8,000 9mm rounds and 5,000 223 rounds without a single issue. Ammunition was fired out of Aero Precision, CZ, Daniel Defense, Glock & Smith & Wesson firearms.


Kevin Dylus

Blue Ridge Marksmanship, LLC


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