We had to make ’em again!!  With so many request to make the 130gr hollow points in 300 black out, we just couldn’t say no.

Speer bullets are most definitely on the upper end of premium hunting bullets. The first test batch we made we weren’t sure what to expect pushing the bullet in the 300aac cartridge. It almost seemed that we couldn’t push the bullet fast enough.  By this I mean every bullet has a “sweet spot”, if your velocity goes over the “sweet spot” you’re group will start to open up.  Not these bullets. At 50 yards we grouped half inch out of two test rifles.  We immediately went to production. The ammo never had a chance to hit the website. Some social media pictures and one gun show later, it was all gone.

We have chosen a propitiatory smokeless powder that has no reloading propellant equivalent. It is faster in burn speed than ACCURATE 1680® and slower
in burn speed than Winchester 296 or Hodgdon H110. The propellants gas generation rate is ideal for .300 Blackout.  our chosen propitiatory powder has lower residue than
1680, and outperforms 296 in supersonic applications. Most commercial manufactures are using a form of these two powders.  We’ve found 1680/black out powder to be too dirty in burning for our desire, and out preforming the “standard” H110 mean we can safely push velocity faster than factory 300AAC black out ammo.

This is a proprietary burn speed manufactured powder from our distributor only.

We got some amazing feedback about how well this round preformed in various platforms.

If your looking for match 300aac ammo or premium hunting ammo,  this could be the round you’ve been searching for.

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