5.56 x 45 55Gr FMJBT


55 Gr. Full Metal Jack Boat Tail
know as M193

velocity 3100 FPS

Packaged in 50 Round boxes

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I Pride my Ammo on the top quality of powder we’re using. 5.56 ammo is made within my opinion the best powder on the market period. This powder is specifically made for AR/ and gas repeating rifles. With a copper fouler and flash suppressor inhibitors this is by far the cleanest ammo you’ll ever run.

Re-manufactured Processed – brass has been processed on a Camdex commercial processor that pressure checks, decaps, sizes, and swages. The brass is then trimmed and wet tumbled after processing for a like new look. The brass is spot checked with a Sheridan Cut Out Case Gauge, Whiddon Head Space Gauge, Ballistic Tools Primer Pocket Gauge to ensure quality. The brass is trimmed to 1.745″ +/- 0.005″ to ensure reliability in all rifles.

Our 223/5.56 brass is just that – a combination of both. We get it off the range and sort it into 223 and 5.56 from everything else and do NOT separate them out. You may get all 223 or all 5.56 or any combo in between.

loaded ammunition will ship Fed-Ex ground.


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