308 168gr BTHP

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168Gr BTHP

New LC brass

Velocity 2,710

packaged in 20 round box



Hornady’s famous 168gr match boat tail hollow point pared with an excellent propellant
for long range shooting. The velocity capability of our chosen propellant is a natural fit for Service
Rifles and CMP competitions. Many shooters over the years have found favor with both the accuracy and
velocity performance of this powder. The burn rate and geometry of this propellant yields low residue,                                                                                                                                                                                  and contains a level of flash suppressant, while providing ample port pressure to cycle AR, M1, M1A, G3 and G36 systems.



Loaded ammunition ships via fex-ex or ups gound

1 review for 308 168gr BTHP

  1. Kyle

    This ammo shoots amazing would love to get more but cant find out how to purchase it would love to do a review.

    • Moxley

      We are sold out of 308 ammo currently. And have a large waiting list. feel free to email us.

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